Curriculum Programs

Play is critical to children's physical. intellectual, social and emotional development. At GameTime, we strive to help children reach their full potential through fun learning activities and curricula programs that promote a lifelong love of physical activity and learning.

2Play Together

Developed in partnership with the National Lekotek Center, 2Play Together offers a valuable resource striving to make a difference in inclusive playground play and creating communities that care through character education. This resource equips programmers with tips and activities that will promote play, understanding, and fun between children with and without disabilities.

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GameTime's FitKid™ Curriculum Based Fitness Program features an ergonomically designed fitness system that can be easily integrated into existing physical education programs. Intended for elementary, junior high and high school students the FitKid™ curriculum includes exercises with beginning, intermediate and advanced skill level options and step-by-step action photos. Many of the activities included in the program have been shown to help develop strength, concentration, spatial awareness, and coordination skills.

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GT Jams™

Bringing standards-based music and movement activities to your playground for a new kind of play. Children move and play on the playground to their own beat. Now they can move in new and creative ways as they explore music and movement outdoors with GameTime's exclusive GT Jams™ playground instruments and GT Jams Music & Movement Playbook. With GT Jams™ children can explore sound and move to the beat of musical instruments, adjusting their bodies and movements with changes in beat or contrasts such as slow and fast, light and heavy. Linked to national standards in physical education and music, this program provides fun activities for children to explore the creative arts while being physically active on the playground.

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Play On! Playground Learning Activities for Youth Fitness

Play On! Is a standards-based physical education program that promotes overall fitness, learning, and fun on the playground! Developed by the American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation (AAPAR) and authored by experts from Louisiana State University, Play On! focuses on overall physical fitness while imploring six essential elements of play. Play On! gets kids actively moving on the playground to help combat childhood obesity and encourage healthy lifestyles.

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Play Trails Activity Guides

The Play Trail Activity Guides provide a variety of downloadable booklets full of interactive activities for children and families to explore before, during, or after trail experiences. Each booklet was created by environmental education experts at The Acorn Group to provide fun activities and discussion tips that will enrich children’s outdoor experiences, instill lifelong connections to the environment, and increase their engagement with the natural world. These free resources correspond with GameTime’s Play Trail product line and play pocket themes.

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Innovative Learning Concepts Inc., are the creators of TouchMath, an award-winning multisensory program that uses its signature TouchPoints to engage students of all abilities and learning styles in a variety of mathematical concepts, to bring classroom learning. Our new TouchMath Activity Panel is an interactive outdoor play event that offers a fun way to increase child’s computational skills, provide healthy physical activity, and encourage positive social interaction. The hands-on panel, corresponding activity manual, and program training materials are the ideal way to integrate learning into the play experience outdoors while deepening understanding of critical math concepts. The manual offers dozens of counting, addition, subtraction, skip counting, and multiplication activities to implement outdoors with children Pre K - 5th grade.

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